Innovation Management

... between your ideas & future business.
... to transform open questions into feasible, sustainable plans.
... to turn today's challenges into tomorrow's success.
A holistic approach, linking business development, technical development, production, sales and all relevant support functions is the pre-requisite for an agile and effective innovation activity.

We begin with an innovation assessment giving you the inside as well as outside view.
It will enable you to focus more precisely on your particular strengths, but also handle essential missing elements to realize your innovative ideas -taking into account the history, situation and ambitions of your enterprise.
Intercultural Ability

... between your home base & overseas teams.
... to create proximity to your remote teams & business partners.
... to connect people who think differently within your extended enterprise.

Intercultural means not just "us" and people from other countries:
it refers to managing positively the expectations & relationship between persons & groups with different ways of thinking and behaving.

We begin with questioning & enhancing the awareness and sensitivity for obstacles & chances.
This leads on your path to improve the mutual understanding between persons & teams with different traditions and mindsets, be they international, interdisciplinary or inter-generational.
Integrative Leadership

... between individuals & teams in your company.
... in order to resolve conflicting goals / objectives.
... to turn internal competition into profitable cooperation.

Integrative management and transformational leadership takes their roots in the recognition that you simply achieve more - and better - when the persons involved have common aspirations and cooperate rather than compete within an enterprise.

We begin with making the cooperation behavior in your organization visible & understandable in an objective way, based on a method grounded in scientific research.
Based on this we design with you the way to more fully achieve the potentials of your team.