• Help management boards challenge established models
  • Assess readiness & fitness for change & innovation
  • Future-oriented Lessons-Learned analysis
  • Change Management "in the head"
Are you having difficulties pinpointing internal obstacles to the change you are driving?
Are you wondering how to deal with those you have identified?

We believe that complacency about past success is the worst enemy of growth.
The first step on a renewed path to growth is to question and challenge current perceptions - openly.
We will help you address difficult issues in an objective way, in order to reach commonly developed and agreed measures with your team.
  • Advise management boards in the definition & implementation of appropriate strategies
  • Prospective studies & trips for creating a new outside-in view
  • Facilitate creativity & ideation
  • Priority management
Are you aiming at revamping your handling of innovation in order to enhance your output?
Do you want to take the "big step" to transform your company's innovation mindset?

We will provide guidance to your key managers & experts in defining what is the right innovation strategy for you based on your company profile, context and aspirations.
We will help you take a holistic approach that leaves no obstacle untouched and leverage the particular strengths of your organization.
  • Secure Innovation Readiness & Culture
  • Facilitate integration of diverse teams
  • Improve cooperation mindset & behavior
  • Coach Innovation / Integration Managers & Leaders
  • Change Management "in the organization"
Are you wondering about the innovation performance of your organization?
Do you see a need to strengthen your innovation culture in order to stay atop your competition?

We will assess your innovation fitness and pinpoint the areas that can & should be strengthened.
We will then work with your key managers & experts to live the change.
As we take a customized, holistic approach, you leave no stone unturned.
  • Advise on the design & setup of high-diversity  organizations & innovation processes
  • Develop & implement relevant innovation objectives & performance metrics
  • Ramp up cooperation in virtual teams
Do you feel or think a re-organization of your activity is necessary?

Any re-organization is a disturbance that carries risk.
This means that changes must be kept to the minimum needed, and avoid "one-size-fits-all" recipes.
We will advise and support you in designing the small adjustments in your organization that are right for you to achieve big effects - with minimum drama.
  • Diagnostics and improvement of cooperation quality in your organization
  • Coach mixed teams (including external partners) in new cooperations & alliances
  • Facilitate relations with overseas partners
Are you dissatisfied with the way your organization cooperates among themselves and with partners?
Do you see a need to improve mutual understanding, alignment and cooperation in your extended enterprise?

We will help you move from a culture of internal competition to one of cooperation for a more sustainable success based on true team work.
Our method – TransKooption® - is based on the scientifically founded analysis of systemic group behavior and its impact on performance.